Well, the first blog was yesterday. I asked which type of massage people liked best. The blog is still new so answers were lacking (well, non-existent really), so I thought I would provide my own answer.

Out of the massages that I’ve been lucky enough to receive, I think my favorite is Hot Stones Massage. If you are unaware of this type of massage, it is often offered in spas, but practitioners, such as myself also offer it, typically for less money.

The massage consists of basalt stones that have been heated in water placed over you on top of a sheet and towel (although this can vary by practitioner). They are placed over the body and then covered by a blanket or second sheet. The warmth is allowed to seep in and then the Massage Therapist takes each part of the body and removes the stones of the area to be massaged. The actual massage may be done with stones or with the hands. I like to use the stones and to be massaged by them as well. Sometimes the stones will be replaced after the practitioner has finished massaging the area that he or she had uncovered. This keeps the heat in (assuming the stones hadn’t become cold).

I find Hot Stones to be an extremely relaxing experience. I would suggest that anyone try it if they haven’t already. Remember, massage reduces stress and aids in staying healthy.


One comment on “Recap

  1. wartica says:

    I love the Swedish version myself, but the hot stones always sets the mood for me as well 🙂

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