The Best Massage Ever

I watched a webinar the other day through the abmp website and this question came up. “What would make it the best massage ever?” Some of the things that were talked about were materials, temperature, readiness…it could be anything. So I am posing the same question to you and I doubt many will have the same ansers. So, What could a massage therapist or place do to provide you with the best massage ever?

Thank you

Total Natural Health


4 comments on “The Best Massage Ever

  1. wartica says:

    It’s funny because every massage I’ve had the priveldge of getting, is my favorite. lol;)) Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. deWriterMD says:

    For me, what differentiates a “good” massage from the GREAT massage is the connection between giver and receiver. If you go into a massage expecting that it will be “done” to you without your participation, you will always fall short of that great experience. Giving and receiving is all part of the creation of that flow between both. Thanks for the post!

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